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OMG! He's a Sex Addict

You storm into the living room, where your honey sits hunched over his laptop, TV blasting, after-work-beer close at hand. “What’s this?!” you exclaim, waving a magazine at him. “Huh?” Honey replies. You grab the remote, power the TV off with a jerk. You tap your foot. You glare. He sees the magazine. Connects the dots. “Oh, that.” “Yeah, that!” you say, “Girls Gone Wild! And there’s a whole pile of these in back of the cabinet under the sink.” He smirks. “Well, you wouldn’t want them in here.”… Continue

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Week #14--It's Time to Try Porn

Week #14 of the Six Month Sex Challenge: A little porn can add a lot of spice…it’s finding the right porn to suit your taste and values.

Lesson I learned from last week: Even though get my fill of intimacy with interactions from my children, it’s important I keep a solid intimate connection with my husband. And making that connection is so much fun.

To end the… Continue

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Happy Marriage Cuts Men's Risk for Stroke

An Israeli study that tracked more than 10,000 civil servants and municipal workers from 1963 to 1997 found that 8.4 percent of the single men died of strokes, compared to 7.1 percent of the married men. Amazingly, when age and known stroke risk factors such as… Continue

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Healthy in Love, Healthy in Life Part 2

We all know that a healthy relationship contributes to your quality of life, big time! Donna and I, however, came across some statistics that show just how big an impact the quality of your intimate relationship has on your physical and mental well-being. It's pretty surprising.

  • In a multi-year study, Statistics Canada found that men who got divorced or separated were 3.3 times more likely to experience depression than men who…

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Healthy in Love, Healthy in Life

At the end of this article Donna and I offer three key principles for nurturing healthy relationships. But it's not just about your relationship. In our workshops and in Donna's alternative medicine practice, we've seen firsthand the close connection between the quality of people's intimate relationships, their emotional well-being and a person's mental and physical health. Resolving emotional obstacles created by relationship challenges is critical for living a healthy… Continue

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Boyfriend Refuses To Give An Inch

Why is it when you know you’re right and your boyfriend’s wrong, he refuses to give an inch? Why won’t he listen to you when it’s obvious he messed up?

You're fuming. Your boyfriend blithely stated he knew perfectly well how to put a bike together and didn't need to read the instructions despite your repeated suggestions he do so. So here you are, 3 hours later, your boyfriend swearing over a pile of leftover parts that should fit somewhere. So much for your fun afternoon together.… Continue

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Save Your Marriage with The Marriage Breakthrough (part 2)

Just as promised, here are a couple more videos from my Marriage Breakthrough DVD. Also the rest of the Save Your Marriage: Marriage Breakthrough clips can be found on YouTube. Enjoy.…


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Week #13--Creating Couple Intimacy

Week #13 Six Month Sex Challenge: Intimacy has been shifted to my baby and I need to create it with my husband.

Lesson I learned from last week: Male masturbation toys are a positive alternative for couples in ‘dry’ periods of couple sex.

What is Intimacy?

Too often people assume that the word ‘intimacy’ has to do solely with sex: saying things like,… Continue

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Save Your Marriage with The Marriage Breakthrough

I am featuring parts of the Marriage Breakthrough Seminar because I want people to know that, although relationships don't come with instruction manuals, there is much that can be learned about making marriages work. No one is born knowing how to create a successful relationship. We learn about marriage by watching our own… Continue

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The Law of Attraction for Couples

Have you ever had an instinctive "knowing" that your relationship is more than simply a connection with another person? That there is a purpose in that connection? That it's a natural channel for attracting what you want in life, whatever that means for you - being cherished, good health, a successful business, healthy finances? Donna and I know this is true and have experienced, it so we want to tell you about it.

I'm sure you've all heard of the blockbuster documentary…


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Why is it that your mate always seems deficient in your eyes? Why is it that when you look at your beloved, all you see are flaws?

I'm sitting in an airplane on my way to a conference, debating whether to catch up on my reading or catch a few winks, when I get distracted by the conversation behind me. A woman is complaining about her husband, "He never pays attention to me," she's saying "I could wear the same dress 3 days in a row, or dye my hair purple, he wouldn't notice," Her…


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Valentine's Day for the Broken Hearted

Romantic dinners at candlelit restaurants, Godiva chocolates, two dozen long-stem roses, sentimental Hallmark cards- the stuff Valentine's Day is made of.

But what if your relationship is on the rocks and Valentine's Day is just another painful reminder that your life isn't what you hoped it would be? Then what do you do? I know, this isn't exactly an uplifting topic, but the truth is,… Continue

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Too Broke to Break Up

Too Broke to Break Up

Call me an optimist, but in the midst of all the horrendous economic news, I see a silver lining. Despite people’s lives being threatened by job loss, foreclosures and having trouble making ends meet, increasing numbers of couples are opting to stay together and make their marriages work. Why? Because they have to, that's why. Couples simply don’t have enough money to hire attorneys, engage in protracted legal…

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Why Tiger Would

As soon as I heard on the news that Tiger Woods smashed his car after leaving his house at some ungodly hour in the morning, I knew we were in for a tabloid blitz with speculations about the possible reasons for such a hasty exit. Then, once allegations of infidelity started to hit the airwaves, the inevitable happened- all eyes turn to the intriguing Tiger Woods mystery. Inquiring minds want to… Continue

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Week #12--Praise His Penis!

Week #12 Six Month Sex Challenge: Men deserve to have a toy of their own in your adult toy chest.

Lesson I learned from last week: Using the vibrating cockring made my perineum feel great.

Yet Another Chaotic Week…

Had my parents visiting this week—Valentine’s week…a very, very busy week for me—and my newborn is teething, etc., etc., etc. All I can say… Continue

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Relationship Tips: Creating the love of your life

The best of all relationship tips is included in a fable I once heard. It may be the only tip you ever need to keep your relationship intact! It is the key to a healthy relationship; creating the love of your life.

Two adventurers set off to see the world; stopping in all the world capitals, remote islands and places both exotic and wild. While in Bombay one of the men saw a woman in the market so beautiful that he told his friend he wouldn’t be

continuing on. His partner…


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Dr. Trina Read Talks Aphrodisiac Foods

Dr. Trina Read appeared on Breakfast Television Calgary last week to discuss whether there's such a thing as aphrodisiac foods. In the next week, Trina will speak with us in a podcast on the same subject. We'll throw in a few things not mentioned in this video. Be sure to check this out, however, since we're knocking on the door to Valentine's and I'm sure you're wondering what foods should be on the…

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