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I have read a lot of discussions about the marriage being over or when should i end it.  But ask yourself or write down the reasons why it is over.  Remember marriage is a vow that you not only made to each other but that you made to God.  The lord said that he would never put more on us than we can bear.  So remember or think that the things you are going through are for a reason and you never get different results when you give the same response  We must learn in marriages and in life not react to things but to act on things.  Reactions are often not thought through.  Marriages end that could have been saved. We can not survive a marriage on our on but with God all things are possible.

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Well a good reason as to why a marriage would be over is no trust especially when your spouse cheats. Whether it's one time or many times, cheating is not part of your marriage vows...
I was scammed twice , no one wants to be on the losing side . But recently i came across a good hacker who helped me hack my boyfriends phone showing his text messages, whatsapp, Facebook and his location remotely..You don’t have to touch his phone while you have access to his conversations through the software he sent me as a link to install on my phone , i dont know how he did this but he’s perfect at it… 
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Tell him Matha Lawson  referred you, then you can thank me later GOD BLESS.


I am single. But in the future I want to get married.

the biggest reason of marriage end is the lack of trust. and the second reason is the lack of interest.


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