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When it comes to property do you think it should be both spouses name?

Everything we own is in my name. My husband gets angry because its not in our name. He thinks all of the property is mine not his. I keep telling him we own it. You see the problem is my husband pays child support and he owes in arrears. I put everything in our name so the state won't take it out from under us to pay his arrears. I worry a lot about it. Instead of my husband understanding this he holds a grudge about it. I don't know what else to do about this issue. But I am getting sick of hearing it. If you have any advice pease do share....

Thank you!

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I think you have done the wisest thing possible for your situation. I would just let him know that once he gets the child support issue resolved then you can start making the changes to get everything put in both your names. But to be honest, once you married him, the child support issue became your issue as well, so maybe if you stop placing blame on him about the arrears and maybe help him to get it resolved then he may not look at it as if you are being disrespectful to him and he could be more willing to understand why you had to do what you did. Just my thoughts
He had problems with the arrears before we got married. I don't think the arrears are my problem. Since I didn't make the kid. That issue is his alone not mine. But with him having arrears so high I worry about the state taking everything from us cause his lack of working before we met. I have told him once his arrears goes away we will put everything in our name. That's a promise I made to him. I have been a supportive wife to him about his issues with child support and all. He went for awhile thinking the kid was not his and didn't take the responsibilty for paying the support before he met me. Now, I know a DNA test was done and it was proven to be his child. He has to suck it up and be a man. There is a lot of issues that have to be resolved before I put anything in our name. I don't work and even if I didn't I am not paying for a kid that I didn't make. I am not helping him pay off his arrears either that is his responsibilty since he is the father of the child. So even though we are married that issue did not become my issue its his still. If I can't have any legal say in the matter of the issue then I am not legally entitled to it the issue.
well if that is how you feel then I can see him being a little bit upset. We are a blended family and if you don't plan on treating the child as if he was your own when he is with you then you are probably always bound to have problems. I think there is gonna have to be some give and take and if you both are unable to realize that then I could see there always being problems.
The child does not live with us and I have never met the child. However I am not the childs mother and I have no legal rights to anything. If I did meet the child I would not have any harsh feelings about the child. I guess you would have to be in my situation to know what I am talking about. If you never had to deal with child support law or etc. Then you wouldn't have a clue on that.
I did say that we are a blended family so yes I do know what it means to deal with child support and those issues. I also know that to make the relationship better you have to be willing to forgive him for his transgressions (getting this other woman pregnant and the result is a child), now I am assuming since you are with him that you are in love with him so you need to forgive him and get this behind you. If you can't forgive him them maybe you both should seek some couple's counseling and see if the marriage is worth saving and how you can go about doing that.


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