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I can't remember ever winning a lotto-type drawing for more than probably $5.

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I won $500 on a scratcher. I worked at a surf shop across the street from a gas station. My friend would always play so I started going in with him (on the tickets) and lo and behold about a week later and about $10, we hit it.

Other than that, i've never one again tho I hardly play.
Hmm, I think I won $20 once in a scratch off.

My husband participates in a work lotto pool, and they've won a couple hundred before, but they have so many people in the pool, they always just turn it around and buy more tickets.
I've won $100 on a scratcher once. I've also won a couple hundred gambling once (had to be luck, it certainly wasn't my skill at craps), and have won a few drawings for things.

Oh to hit the multi-million lottery! What fun we would have traveling the world!


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