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We just launched the 2010 Hitched Anniversary Gift Guide. We want to know, what's the best gift you've ever received for your anniversary? What year were you celebrating? 

Finally, do you have something on your wish list? 

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We had a quicky marriage and went out to brunch w/ our parents and witnesses after our vows. So, no wedding cake for us. So, for my first anniversary gift my husband had taken a photo of my wedding ring set to a cake maker (kind of like the ones you see on Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss) and had her design a cake to match my wedding set. It was the most amazing thing ever! And, it was delicious! :)
We've stuck to the traditional themes for the past 4 years. For the "paper" 1-year anniversary, he had a photo-book made of our dating years up through our honeymoon. He also had stationary made with our wedding monogram printed on it, and custom pub coasters made (we entertain a lot) with our monogram.

For "cotton" he gave me tickets to see original "cotton club" artist, Phoebe Snow at a jazz club, monogrammed cotton sheets, pillow cases and towels - an a cotton douvet with a Hawaiian themed print (our honeymoon destination).

Our "leather" anniversary - he gave me a beautiful leather strapped watch, and we stayed the night in the hotel where we spent our wedding night.

He's a keeper.

I'll share the best gift I've given: For our "cotton" anniversary, I gave my husband two tickets to the Cotton Bowl game in Texas (we live in the Pacific Northwest) for him and his best friend to attend, and one night in a hotel. I stayed home with the stepkids while he had a vacation with his buddy. Pretty sure that earned me a nice fluffy cloud in heaven. ;)


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