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My wife and I both wrestle, seriously. I actually first met her in a wrestling class. We also enjoy playing racquetball together. And every once in a while she'll humor me and play h-o-r-s-e. What about you?

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RL bowling, Wii bowling, Wii golf. Is shooting firearms a sport? Not hunting, just shooting. We do that. We're not big sports people.
I've got to get myself a Wii. It's really a great bonding experience every time I've played it.
We love playing the Wii, although she'd rather do the real sport than play it on the Wii with the exception of boxing.
We both ride sportbikes together (well, we each ride our own, but it's a passion we both share). And when we're motivated, we work out together.
Is the PS2 considered a sport? lol We can sit and play for hours and hours. And we wrestle. Not on a professional level by any means, but still...we sure break a sweat!

Our New Year's revolution is to start working out together. Since we are both investing some good money into the endeavor, this has hit me in the wallet, so I am super motivated. I need to shed weight off my butt, not my wallet!
we love football
We ride our motorcycles together, go target shooting together and, with the new year, we began doing CrossFit together. When we have the opportunity we also enjoy SCUBA diving. We also occasionally go bowling, ice skating and roller skating. We are always looking for physical activities for us to do together.
Myself and my husband play table tennis together for at least four to six times a month.



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