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The sneak preview of the new Jerry Seinfeld show, The Marriage Ref debuted just after the closing ceremonies of the Olympics last night. It will begin airing at its regular time on Thursday nights. Did you catch the show? What are your first impressions? 

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After watching it, I wish the prizes would have been more focused on the issue that each couple was having. For example, for the stripper pole couple, romance and sexing up the marriage was something the husband was desperately working to achieve. For example, I thought it would have been fun if they gave them free pole dancing classes--together. That would have been funny and helpful. Or for their second honeymoon, why not inject some sort of romantic rendezvous into the mix since that was at the core of their issue.

I really liked Tom Papa as the host and found the guests funny with good chemistry. I wish they hadn't used a "news" reporter to give the facts. That blends journalism and entertainment a little too much for my liking. Overall, I think this is going to be a really fun show and I expect a lot of couple conversations to be sparked during each episode.
I thought the entire show was completely stupid. I didn't find it humorous at all and just thought that the whole premise for it was lacking a lot!!


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