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Nothing in live just happens. Yes when we were all younger, or should I say when I was younger, physical health and strength was a blessing. But to get stronger or to say in good shape I have had to put myself on an exercise routine. It is true for everything. If I speak French and then don't use the language for a period of time, I loose it.

So my question is this; why don't we think we will loose our love for each other if that love is not exercised every day? Why do we understand that even our cars need to be maintained but we don't maintain the bonds within our relationships?

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Marriage takes everything in you and more. Marriage is suppose to be like a paradise and now and then the natural disasters will come to destroy it and test the foundation of it. However marriage is the essence of the paradise. Marriage take wanting to be in the marriage for the right reasons. Those are the marriage that lasts. People want their marriage and willing to ability to the bone, sweat, and tears to make it a beautiful thing. Then those marriage will lasts for a lifetime. Marriage isn't easy but it beautiful!!!
Good question. I am getting a divorce. Not my first, and I know what it takes, I just make the same mistake of marrying immature men.

My granparents never fought. All my 9 aunts and uncles and other family members can rely that. My grandparents did things together, they talked and they discussed things. They also did things for the good of each other or family. They were married over 50 yrs before my grandpa died. I have two other aunts and uncles who had been more over 60 yrs the other 53 when my uncle died. The key it to help each other, see the famiyl and each other as your best ally. To many couples see enemies and they act accordingly. The other couples I know who have been married for decades echo what I just posted. They see things to be done and just do them, both of them, and never wait to be asked to do a task that needs to be done. Being observant and truely caring of each other. One spouse sees the other as a tool and not as a person then things go down hill.

Finally, simple ubridled love and simple respect for each other.
I'm sorry about your divorce. I have been married for two years and it is hard at time ( alot of time!!!) I see marry couples who been married for a long time and I wonders do they did in love with each other? I would like to know because there more couple divorcing than staying together and having a very fulfilling marriage. Thats what count have a great marriage not a average one.. That the kind marriage I want!!! I want to feel fulfills, respected, homor, and love to maximum level!!


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