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We just posted a story on the importance of having fun in your marriage, "5 Tips to Increase the Fun in Your Marriage." We'd like to know what you and your spouse do for fun to give other couples ideas. Do you regularly go on dates? Do you cook together, do you exercise together? Do you go out with friends regularly? My wife and I love to attend sporting events, when possible. What do you do? 

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Did you guys have friends before you were married? If so, do you ever speak with them?
With a very active 3 year old, my husband and I are sure to plan periodic date nights. We have fairly different hobbies and sporting preferences but we recently went mountain biking together and had a great time. See my latest post, Get Onboard with Some of your Partner's Interests to read about the importance of having positive shared experiences together - and showing interest in what each other likes.

Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT
We have dates all the time, but once a month my wife and I do a surprise date night--where one person sets up the date, but doesn't let the other know until they're on the way. This weekend is my turn to surprise her. I can't reveal what it is in case she reads this, but I'll follow up on Monday.
As promised here's the date night. My wife and I are both mma fans and her favorite fighter is Georges St. Pierre. I surprised her by taking her to our local movie theater to watch UFC 111 on the big screen. She was extremely excited. We then stopped for coffee after the fights (well, I got coffee she obliged). We then had a great conversation about the fights.
We spend one day of the weekend with family and friends, the other day we just spend at home with each other. That's the best part. Either playing the Wii or just watching a movie together.
My husband love to travel to places we have never been before. Maybe stop in a coffee shop and have a cup of coffee while laughing at the crazy music they play. We will talk about our plans for the trip.
My husband and I love to do all sorts of fun things together. We love traveling, and exploring places we have never been together. We love picnics and taking walks and most times it doesn't even have to be anything elaborate, we just hang out together and have the most fun. We try to have date nights, but with 3 kids it is sometimes hard to do but it is so detrimental to the relationship and you have to find the time and make the effort. :)
That's great that you do those things together. It's tough, but you definitely have to schedule and make time. As you stated Karen, a date night doesn't have to be something big or lengthy, it could simply be a 20 minute break at the coffee shop together where you get to reconnect. Remember, one of the best things you can do as a parent is to set an example of a good marriage.
We have a weekly date night and we take it in turns do plan it. The rules are that we can't spend more than $30 (for two!) and that we can't do the same thing twice.

We started it because of that article you mention in '5 Tips to Increase the Fun in Your Marriage' - Arthur P Aron found that if couples do new things together, it mimics the same brain chemistry patterns as when you first fall in love.

We loved doing it so much that we put all our ideas for our $30 Date Nights on the web so everyone can use it as a free resource!
I am currently overseas, but when I am home we run the majority of our errands together. Occasionally we will go out to dinner together or take the dog for a walk. Alyssa has something special planned for us when I come home from Afghanistan but it is a surprise.


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