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What are you doing/planning for Valentine's? Please share your ideas here. I just recorded a podcast with Dr. Noelle Nelson and she offered an idea of putting glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, throwing down a blanket and having an indoor picnic. 

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My husband and I are over the marriage ministry at our church. We are having a fellowship at our home on Saturday for the Ministry filled with fun, food, fellowship and photgraphy's.
I am creating a picnic under the stars. I bought glow in the dark stars and I'll put them all over our bedroom ceiling. I'm making panini's and salad, serving champagne in glasses with stained glass hearts and serving my man's favorite dessert, german chocolate cake. I made a homemade gift and card. All week long I've been slipping notes and poems into his lunch bag and brief case and putting up love decals on the bathroom mirror, truck window, even the blender because he makes a smoothie every morning.
I dont know if it's just me this year becaues I'm absolutely in love with "love" but this Valentines Day seems more publicised more than it ever has before. More songs, more gifits, more sales, more movies etc. I think its because love is more popular than ever. or more than we know.
This year we will do something that makes us laugh, there is a couples stand up comedy show at a local club that is supposed to be a funny show about couples, marriage and why the man is always wrong. We will follow that up at our favorite delicious sea food resturant. I am also suprising my husband with a nice long couples massage. Anything to celebrate our relationship is healthy. I say that every year put more emphasis on "love" than the tradition of "Santa Clause" HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone


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