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If you husband want to do online fantasy playing with you.. would you open to it.. we are looking to launch a site to help couples do this and would be great to do our survey and also give me your direct feedback on your comfort level and how he could get you onboard with it...

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How does it work? Sounds interesting....
you can double click and take the survey for us:)
LOL, good one this is how we meet on a online "game" - we meet on a program/site called SecondLife

We still use it after a year plus of being a couple, and still after being married.

It works well enough for us, he has is life there I have mine, we have our life together there and it lets us explore various things that catch our attention - we both have the understanding of what is on SL stays on SL and doesn't come out of it without first taking it over with the other person, then if both parties agree then you see what happens with bring what was in SL out into RL.


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