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Just want to know the signs to watch out when there is no more love in a marriage. How to you know that you  no longer love him? By the way, what really is love? Is it suppose to be give and take or is it suppose to be unconditional? I' m confused and I will appreciate responses. Thanks 

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Read my article love is at leave a comment and we can chat some more. These are great questions that have answers.  
Thank you for your advice.

If you are questioning whether you love him or not, there's probably a serious breakdown in your relationship. Remember the beginning? When you just started out? Did you ask yourself the same question? Probably not. But there are ways to restore the loving feelings and the deep connection, even if the love is "hiding" under months or years of anger or frustration. This article will help you:How to love your husband (again)

Thanks for your reply.That was really the problem I had at first, it was just likeness then it grows to love, then later to pity. I was so confused.

Roseline there is always a way. Lisa is right as uncomfortable as it may be you need to talk to your man. There are great articles out there so read the one Lisa mentioned. He may be feeling the same way and doesn't know how to express it. I want you to know that this is normal and we all go through it. How you deal with the situation will determine the outcome. Be positive and keep at it; keep trying things. You both need to talk about the real issues, so take them one at a time and start with  the easy ones first. Remember you're both rebuilding trust again. You can do it .....

I really appreciate your wise advice to saving my marriage. Thanks. I could've reply earlier but I was having problems in my marriage.
Thanks a lot.

Hi Rose,

Love is unconditional.  Take a little time to make sure that you've exhausted every possibility before making a decision on what to do.  Keep the faith and God will give you the answers that you seek.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciates it. I could't reply early due to the stress I was having in my marriage.
It was so thoughtful of you to have helped.
Thanks again.
I thank the people who took time to reply when I need it most.
I could't have reply due to the things I was passing through.

I never thought marriage could be that stressful.
In between the stress, I tried $€*#¥$€£&&.
Then I was hospitalized for three months for recovering.
When I came back home, we could't just get along.
So we tried separation. By two weeks on it, we just came
back together yesterday. Due to the fact that my daughter
Of three+ could't get along with the separation.

I don't really know if I Still love him or not. At first when we first
Meet, for him, it was love at first sight. But for me, it was just likeness.

I think that if you don't know if you love your husband you either don't really love him or for some reason (which you haven't told us about...) you are too angry to realize that you still love him. In this case not all hope is gone and you can restore the love and the feelings you used to have for him. This article will show you how, and I hope it helps:

Lisa, That's true that I did't say what the problem was. Your reference helped
When I read it. Though my marital stress was not based on any of marriage
problems I read on the article.
Thanks and i truly appreciate it because I can try to avoid marriage breakdown
or any of such in the future.

Am glad to announce that the short separation of two weeks was
able to resolve the problem we had.

Now that we are now back together, I pray that the same problem should
not occur because I don't think I want a step-father for my daughter.


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