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"Number of Kids" on your profile page has doesn't have the option for ZERO

I can't locate an email address for anyone at hitched but would love to inform them that their drop-down menu for "How many kids do you have?" doesn't have the option for ZERO. I would like to have that changed asap so it doesn't look like a have a child when I don't. Please let me know when this has been fixed.


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Hi Joy. Thanks for the note. That's really weird, it's supposed to be the first option, and furthermore, it's supposed to be an optional question for those to want a little more anonymity. I'm looking into this and will let you know when it's fixed. If you look at my profile and some of the older ones you'll see that "0" is our selection. Thanks for the heads up and welcome to the newtwork. --Steve
Thanks for your reply. Good luck fixing it and let me know when I can give back that kid :)
Hi Joy:

The problem has been fixed. You can now select "None." Time to give the kids back.


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