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I want to wish every mother out there a Happy Mother's Day!


I hope your day was more special than mine.  My husband went out to eat with his mother, his mother's boyfriend, his daughter and his son without even inviting me, my son, and our adopted son.  Do I have the right to be upset?

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That sounds pretty darned crappy to me.  Did it have anything to do with his son & daughter?  You didn't say how old any of the 'children' are.  I think holidays and 'special' days are always tough in mixed families, but leaving you completely out of a 'family' gathering is pretty insulting.  What was the reason?  Besides the fact that you aren't his mother?  You still deserved to be included in a dinner for heaven's sake.


 I can also give you a better example of 'left out.'  2 years into my marriage my husband's son was getting marrried.  The wedding invitation was sent to Mr. & Mrs. Us, but I was told by my husband on the wedding day I 'didn't need to go if I didn't want to.'   I'm thinking, 'Excuse me.  What?!?'  I'd been invited & attended one of the bride's showers; I also prep'd, cooked for & hostessed the rehearsal dinner held at our home (pool).  (Did not attend the rehearsal with my husband because I was busy getting the dinner & decor ready & certainly not needed for the rehearsal).  My husband's son was at the house getting dressed for the wedding and he also said in surprise 'Oh, are YOU coming?'  Well, freaking duh, I was invited, so yes.  I went & was informed by the wedding planner that she didn't know about me (i.e. did not know my husband was remarried).  Nice, huh?  Granted, it was their wedding, but if they didn't want me there they shouldn't have extended the invitation.  Well, I should have stayed home, because it turned out I wasn't really welcome.  So, for the most part, whenever there is anything to do with my husband's adult kids, I am pretty much made to feel like an outsider even when they want me to do something for them.  Six years into my marriage and I've never even received a Christmas gift from them.  For holidays & birthdays they bring something for Dad, eat my dinners & take all the gifts I've gotten for them.....  Oh well.


So I've got some spoiled adult step-kids who WE are still supporting (both are married) and a miserable witch of an ex (she dumped my husband, has never given a dime for their kids support, but still asks my husband for money for her credit card debts) to deal with.


So what's the rest of your story?  I can certainly commiserate with you.   



My husband's son is 22 yrs old and his daughter is 20 yrs old.  Both of them are now living with my husband's mom.  His son moved in with her after he completed college, and his daughter moved in after she lost her job and couldn't afford the house she was sharing with a roommate.  My son is 16 yrs old and our adopted son is 7 yrs old.


I am sorry to hear about your situation.  It sounds like you are being used and very disrespected.  I would be asking myself this question if I were you:  "Does my husband really love me?"  I actually ask that question anyway just being me  :-)


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