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July Anniversary Special

Free Movie Presentation

The Video Factory is celebrating 29 years of providing video production services and producing videos and movies in the Fort Wayne area. 

To celebrate our anniversary, viewers can watch “The Marriage Contract 2nd ed.” for free at on Friday, July 10th, Saturday, July 11th, and Sunday July 12th.  “The Marriage Contract 2nd ed.” is a movie about a young couple who go to see a relationships expert to get some pre-marital counseling.  The relationships expert offers some unsettling advice to the couple that gets them thinking about the whole concept of marriage.  The movie is 30 minutes long and was originally released in 2007.  The second edition was released in 2015 and added “Twenty-five questions to ask before you say, I do”.

Viewers can stream the movie On Demand for free on all three days by going to and clicking on “The Marriage Contract 2nd ed.” icon.  You can watch a preview now at

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