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Well my husband has been complaining alot about spending so much money on me and he is getting really irritated with it. For example my computer is very old and cannot run the newer games that are coming out and i didnt say anything about wanting a new computer or anything but he wanted me to play world of warcraft with him but my computer woulden't run it so he is like oh im going to get you new computer parts and rebuild your computer and i wont get myself a new computer this year. But the fact is i didnt even ask for one! I do admit though i love digital camera's ive been through three already they keep breaking on me but i love taking pictures so i always ask for a new camera. Also i had gotten myself into trouble recently and my husband had to pay some court bills for me. So yeah he is getting super irritated. I do not want to seem like a spoiled woman who get anything she wants because that not what i want to be at all. I just want him to be happy with me and i wish he would stop buying things for me and get stuff he wants but he won't stop i dont know what to do to fix this situation i say sorry but it dosent do much any help would be greatly appreciated

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If he is the one buying things for you, why is he "irritated?"
I find it funny when men say this. They often like women who like nice but then seem to complain when they realize it takes time and money to look nice.
If he is the one spending all the money well that could mean he has self esteem issues and is afraid if he does not spend on you then you may leave him. Ask him this. Good luck.


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