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What's the Best Surprise Date Your Spouse Has Taken You On?

My spouse surprised me by taking me to a live hockey game on tickets she won at work. Box seats at center ice along with two friends. It was her first live attendance of a hockey game and she loved it too!

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My wife and I go on monthly "mystery dates" (do not tell your partner where you are going until they eigher guess correctly or you arrive to your destination totally surprised). Recently, we went to the Summer Shakespear Festival at CU Boulder. We saw Hamlet (I think?). Another time we ate a picnic dinner at the Roxborough State Park and were serenaded by strolling musicians.

Greg R. Thiel
If you're looking for some more "friends" to join you on these amazing dates... look no further than the hitched discussion board! ;)

My best surprise date so far has been a date night with ALL my favorite things; my favorite restaurant, favorite dessert place, favorite activities... I was surprised and touched by how well my soon-to-be husband really paid attention to everything I really liked to do.
It's a blessing when the person you love is REALLY listening and later remembers what's important to you!

Wishing everyone a Happy (and loving) Valentine's Day! Celebrate in style ~ and dance as if no one is watching!

Greg R. Thiel


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