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Should You Pay Your Kids Cash for Good Grades?

See today's blog post on an article from USA Today discussing CEOs and their thoughts on paying their kids cash as an incentive to earn good grades--the majority thought it was a good idea. In the article, it conversely mentions that only 15% of principals think it's a good idea.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you (or would you) give money for good grades?

When I was in the early years of elementary school, my report card was given a "value." As in, yep, that's worth a new baseball glove or nope, that's only going to get you a box of erasers. As I got older, the individual grades were given a monetary value ($5 for an "A," $2 for a "B" and so on--don't remember the actual values). By the time I hit high school, the monetary incentives stopped, but my good school habits had long been established.

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Never. It was something that was expected. I don't believe kids should be "paid" to go to school.

I think something like a new glove or something they can use at the end of the year for their hard work is cool. But cash... never.


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