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I heard on the radio last week that they've made a musical out of that Jeff Goldbloom movie "The Fly," and while my first thought was one of horror (a singing and dancing zygote that reguritates food?!)... it is something different... and it would make a good story...

So I was wondering... has anyone seen it? Or has anyone seen or done anything for a date night that was really just off-the-wall and surprisingly fun that they might recommend? We want to try something besides the usual dinner-and-a-movie date night, but it's been a while (i.e., we had a baby) since I've really been out doing anything and I'd love any suggestions anyone might have...

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Sorry to bring the bad news Carol, looks like "The Fly" musical isn't getting hot reviews. This is from the OC Register:

"Let's not mince words. That's always the best way. Just rip the bandage off quickly. Howard Shore's "The Fly," which was given its U.S. premiere Sunday afternoon courtesy of Los Angeles Opera, is the worst opera I've ever seen. Wait, let me mince. I'll say "possibly the worst" since my memory's not what it used to be. Be afraid, be very afraid, if you've already got tickets to "The Fly." It's three hours that you'll never get back, not counting the drive."

"The Fly" isn't even an interesting failure. It's just amateurish. It isn't even good enough to be offensive."

Ouch. Not sure I've ever read a worse review. If you're into more pain, here's a link to the complete review:


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