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Have You or Your Spouse Ever Lost Your Wedding Ring?

Kerri Walsh, the Olympic beach volleyball player lost hers during a match this Sunday. Fortunately, they found it. What were the circumstances around your missing ring?

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I don't ever take off my wedding ring so I can understand her having it on. I have lost my wedding ring at work once. I put on latex gloves and when I took them off my rings came off with it. We were so busy that I didn't notice it until later. Luckily I had some fantastic coworkers and they helped me dig through the bin so that I could find it. Did I wear it again after that? Your darn tootin' I did. I just made sure to check my gloves when I took them off. That ring always stays with me.
My husband was taking his ring off, while sitting in his canoe, so that he could tie it to the string of his swim trunks so he wouldn't lose it... and it slipped and fell into the water. He came home and was really upset, and I thought something really bad had happened (the last time he was this upset, his grandad had just passed away), so when I found out about the ring I didn't mind too much --- I was just glad it meant that much to him that he'd be upset that he'd lost it. Plus, it wasn't too expensive to replace (thank god I hadn't lost mine instead!) :) It was nice to see that symbols like that mean a lot to him. In the end, though, it really doesn't matter that much; it's just a thing. But we did spend forever out there on the beach, looking in the seaweed and mud, trying to find it. (Can't they make rings with lojack or something?)
My friend and I were tossing a football last summer when his fell off. We were at the beach when it happened. It was crazy because, if you;ve ever dropped something in the sand... it's gone. After only 20 minutes we found it. Everyone was pretty stoked.


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