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Should We Argue In Front of Our Kids?

Spoiler: yes! Here's 4 rules on how to constructively demonstrate a healthy way to disagree.

Inspired Connections: Championing the Greatness We See in Each Other

Those around us aren't being held down by our own negative self-talk, which enables them to see us differently than we see ourselves.

Date Night: Wine Party for Two

Have fun and make new discoveries without leaving the home or making a big fuss over the process.

Why Women Need Their Own Financial Identity 

Why now is the best time to start building your own financial identity—even in happy marriages.

Making Kindness An Everyday Habit in 4 Steps

Kindness breeds more kindness and these simple steps will create a more humane environment in no time.

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SAM posted a blog post

The $500.00 Wedding

The couple who spent $500.00 for their wedding. understand the concept of "The Marriage Contract".…See More
Apr 22
Emma K. Vigluicci, LMFT, CIT posted a blog post

Personal responsibility includes turning yourself on

We are responsible for absolutely everything in our life… When people struggle, they are quick to find the reasons and…See More
Apr 21
Emma K. Vigluicci, LMFT, CIT posted a blog post

Love and desire are on opposite sides of the spectrum…

If we know anything about relationships, we know that as time passes the passion in a relationship fizzles out, right?…See More
Apr 15
Emma K. Vigluicci, LMFT, CIT posted a blog post

The easiest way to invest in your relationship

We are all super busy. We have hectic and full lives. As we very well know, it’s so easy to lose sight of our partner and…See More
Apr 11




What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish?

Started by hitched in Life. Last reply by Mike Jordan Sep 16, 2021. 2 Replies

Don't Forget About the Marriage

Started by SAM in Just Married. Last reply by Mike Jordan Jul 15, 2021. 4 Replies

Why You Should Stop Solving Your Marriage Problems

Started by Lisa Penn in Life. Last reply by Mike Jordan May 24, 2021. 3 Replies

spotted with another woman

Started by rosie in Miscellaneous. Last reply by Mike Jordan Apr 12, 2021. 14 Replies

Step parent

Started by mrs. t in Life. Last reply by Mike Jordan Mar 26, 2021. 8 Replies

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