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What is happening to your face? Where did all those lines and wrinkles come from?

A woman sits with a co-worker during her lunch break, commenting on the people passing by, "Look, there goes another one – not a wrinkle on her." "Of course not," the co-worker replies, "She's all of twenty-two, if that." "How about that one," the woman says, "No saggy cheeks. No turkey neck. No pouchy eyes, nothing!" "That's because you keep looking at the young ones," her co-worker points out, "Look at me, I have bags under my eyes." "I know," the woman laments, "but only yesterday it seems I was smooth and unwrinkled. Look at me now!" "Don't be silly," the co-worker replies, "You look great for your age." "For my age!" the woman wails, and bursts into tears.

Oh the shock of getting older. None of us expect it – and few of us feel it inside – yet there lies the evidence, written all over your face. So? So what?! Lines on your face means you've been here awhile. That's all. If you're successful at staying alive, older is what you get. And especially these days, older doesn't mean "finished," as in "through." Older simply means – been here awhile.

So give yourself a break. Stop criticizing your face, and instead rejoice! as in "I'm a survivor. I'm going strong. And this wonderful face carries the evidence of my joyous journey through life." Be happy about it and smile a lot. It'll turn your wrinkles into laugh lines instead of frowns.

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