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Would You Change Your Name After Marriage?

An article from (posted on CNN) asks the question of why women still change their name. It argues that it's a change of identity. Furthermore, it contends that name changes don't make families more connected. The article says that today, roughly 20 percent of American women don't change their name for marriage. What are your thoughts? Is changing your name an outdated tradition? Would you change your name after you got married? It's interesting--if you've been on Facebook lately--at how many women include their maiden name so they can be identified with friends from their former life (do you do that?). Maybe social media is birthing a new modern marriage tradition. Let us know your thoughts.

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Comment by Jeffrey Herr on November 10, 2009 at 6:28am
I told my wife (and I meant it) that if the tradition was for a man to change his name, I'd do it. But it isn't...
I work a lot with our parochial school, and the just basic issues of identity that come up because of the "I'm keeping my name" discussion are incredible. More than just hyphenation issues and calling the wife the wrong last name, now we have kids coming in from previous marriages where the name of every person in the family is different. But the most interesting thing... When the child's name is different, they want us to show it as the last name of one of the parents so the child isn't affected. Could this get ANY more confusing just from a practicality standpoint?


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