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Working out with my partner is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time

We fell in love and decided to be adults, so we got married happily. Gradually life followed along with the thousands of adult responsibilities to oblige to. It’s a mad rush, to be surviving in today’s world. Each of us is trying harder to be a better version of ourselves and also better than the person next to us. Somewhere, in between this rush, we lose track of important things in life. The basics or priorities change. So it did, for us too. Life turned into that monotony, we had feared of while starting our adulting journey. Sleep, slog, eat and repeat, not always necessarily in that order though.

Weird sleep timings coupled with bad food habits started showing on both our health and minds. This is something that concerns most Millennials today. Most of our friends had the same routines, making us think it was normal. Definition of romance changed to seeing movies on the couch with takeaway food. We knew we were to hit rock bottom earlier than we had imagined. We went in for our annual health checkup and the reports suggested we had to get some physical activity if we wanted to have a baby. We enrolled in the local gym because we couldn’t say NO to our doctor, who was by now a good friend. It obviously wasn’t easy running on the treadmill when I wanted to grab a beer and watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the 19th time. Something kept us going. It was that desperate attempt to be better at something we had just started. Life or sex has never been better since then.

Here are 5 reasons why working out with a partner is a decision that would pay off.

  1. The happiness quotient within relationship takes fresh turns

Research suggests that involving in a physical activity together releases testosterone. The release of these hormones coupled with body heat makes it an ideal environment to feel more attracted. Involving in a group physical activity brings you closer as a couple and makes you feel more satisfied with each other. It’s a great way of knowing talents of your partner that are otherwise latent in nature. You start off with initial goals and your world revolves around it. This is because you have a constant reminder of your goals when you see your work-out partner more often.


  1. Working out with your partner increases your efficiency-

There will be day’s when you do not feel motivated. Working out with your partner makes you feel accountable and responsible. The chances of you backing out will be lesser when you know your partner’s routines depends on you.

You both train each other, help each other in lifting weights and plan your workouts in sync with each other. And your partner knows your strengths and weaknesses, he/she is the best person to train you.

Your partner is the best person to go to when you need an honest opinion on your form. Your improvements at the gym, do not just show on the scale or mirror. It shows majorly on how much you have improved on your techniques and form.

Interestingly, you tend to work harder and better to impress your partner at the gym.

  1. Partners help you reach your goals, even your fitness goals and diet goals-

It becomes easier to attain a goal when 2 people are at it. Even the best of gym-goers get stuck in a routine at the gym. You might prefer the same exercises or body parts to focus on, because you don’t want to face the hurdle. In times like these getting direction from someone who knows your limits can be very helpful. A partner can be a constant reminder of how far you have traveled in your fitness journey. My husband literally nags me into doing cardio for 30 minutes every day. Chances are you will feel frustrated, but you know it’s for your own good. You can also set targets with timelines. I took my husband for a trip last month when he completed a 25K marathon in 140 minutes.

Additionally, managing your diets when you have your work-out partner eat meals with you, is so much easier. You constantly remind each other of your goals and how important a role your diet plays in that journey.


  1. Working out with you Partner will improve your emotional bonding-

You will see your partner at his/her weakest form. Working out together makes you become vulnerable in front of the other. It makes you see sides, that you have probably never seen before. It’s only in the gym, that I realized how stubborn my husband is. And I also saw the weird face he makes when he lifts! Exercise makes you release endorphins, which make you feel relaxed and content. You discuss more once you lose your inhibitions. I have personally noticed that we are more in alignment, both in mind and movement, since we started working out together.

  1. It encourages healthy competition and one of the most fruitful ways you can spend time together-

Healthy competition is a great way to keep you going in your workouts and in life in general too. A competition with your partner would ensure you stick to it longer and do not cheat. You can both decide on your prizes in advance.

Life certainly doesn’t stop for you to take a break along with your partner. Spending time in an effective way that does good to both of you, is very satisfying. Not that, I am not into eating Nachos and binge-watching with him. In fact, we treat ourselves to nacho nights and binge watching twice a month. But there’s a certain other joy in doing things together that are productive too.



I know life’s hard, that’s the way it is most of the time for most people. You can either chose to fight it or go with the flow by taking help from the best possible resources you have.


Coming back to us, the best decision that I took was actually doing things with him that we both enjoy. We certainly enjoy our couch but we have realized there’s an interesting world at the gym too. The baby plans are tossed for another year because there’s so much to life we didn’t know or explore about yet.

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