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Dr. Petra Boynton is a sex educator out of the U.K. In this blog she disputes the idea that an inability to orgasm is due solely to a woman’s genetics.

What I believe is important about her article is: pharmaceutical companies are campaigning hard—multimillions campaigns, paid experts and therapist backing this idea—to have this type of ‘dysfunction’ recognized as real. That way, when (or should I say if) these companies ever come up with a ‘magic pill’ to help women with their sexual dysfunctions (i.e. their lack of sexual desire), it will be a big, big, big seller. Just like Viagra.

What I’m trying to say is: buyer beware. Educate yourself before you buy into what the press is trying to feed to you. Because most of it is inaccurate. Click here to read this article.

Women, orgasms and genetics
By Dr. Petra Boynton. Published: 8 June, 2005

Today the world of sexology, particularly those working in the area of sexual dysfunction got a little upset.

That’s putting it mildly. Actually they were very angry about the latest study supposedly proving women’s orgasmic problems are genetic.

The research by a team of UK scientists was published in Biology Letters and studied identical and non-identical twins, and claimed the ability to orgasm has a genetic and evolutionary basis.

And the press went wild!

Hundreds of radio and television shows, newspapers and websites ran the story stating women’s orgasmic dysfunction is all down to genetics (it isn’t). You can’t get pickup on stories about sexual confidence, clitoral stimulation or communicating your desires to your partner. But mix in the key terms ‘genetics’, ‘biology’, ‘evolution’ and ‘orgasm’ and you can’t move for coverage. Most media outlets didn’t read the original research, which is probably why they didn’t pick up on the key flaws within the work.
What was so wrong with the study?

Click here to read the rest of her article.

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