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As soon as I heard on the news that Tiger Woods smashed his car after leaving his house at some ungodly hour in the morning, I knew we were in for a tabloid blitz with speculations about the possible reasons for such a hasty exit. Then, once allegations of infidelity started to hit the airwaves, the inevitable happened- all eyes turn to the intriguing Tiger Woods mystery. Inquiring minds want to know, “What did he do?” “Why did he do it,” “How often did he do it?” “What does this mean for his marriage and more importantly, his endorsements?” So many questions, so little time.

As a professional who specializes in marriages teetering on the brink of divorce and in adulterous relationships in particular, I would like to take this opportunity to debunk the myth that the rich and famous have a corner on adulterous behavior. I see many blue collar, no-name truck drivers or tradesmen, not to mention carpooling, stay-at-home moms slide down the slippery slope of making unfaithful, risk-taking, affair-seeking choices. In case you didn't know, infidelity is an equal opportunity employer.

So, let’s not be too quick to blame Tiger’s fame, fortune or sense of entitlement for his poor choices. While it’s true that, unlike Tiger, most of us don't have adoring, drop-dead gorgeous fans throwing themselves at us- temptations abound nonetheless. We don't have to look further than in the workplace, in our neighborhoods and even in our places of worship. Although for years, Tiger’s superhuman golfing skills have mesmerized us, it’s important to remember that underneath it all, he is still just a person.

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Comment by Shannon O on February 15, 2010 at 6:36pm
While I cannot imagine what he and his wife are going through, and while I also can't conceive of what it would take to work through something like that in my own marriage I do firmly believe that We are all people trying to do the best we can- some days are better than others. Today is not Tiger's day, maybe tomorrow he'll do better.
Comment by Michele Weiner-Davis on February 19, 2010 at 2:29pm
I'm with you Shannon. There is still hope that Tiger and Elin can recover their marriage. People should be pulling for them to fight through this.


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