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It seems no one (at least under 30) is letting his or her bush sprout.

Instead everyone is talking about what to do with their pubes. Should I shave them? Dye them? Trim them down to a runway strip?

Experts aren’t exactly sure why we have pubic hair, but there are a few theories which seem to make sense.

The most probable is pubic hair increase the surface area of the genitals and trap sexual pheromones in the groin area. When you or a potential partner get a whiff of scentually stimulating pheromones—even through your clothing—it sends you into erotic overload.

(So, all you ‘Brazilians’ out there might not be as ‘sexy’ as you thought you were.)

Another theory is that pubic hair is a sign of reproductive readiness. That is, once a boy or a girl hits puberty, they are now capable of sexual interactions and pregnancy.

Other experts believe our pubic hair reduces friction between the genitals during sex.

There’s the long and skinny on your short and curlies.

Great Sex Tip
A little Penaten Cream—yes, the cream used for baby’s diaper rash—will help alleviate any road burn after pubic hair removal. Best to do this before bed as Penaten is very white; that way there will be no traces in the morning.

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