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You can dive into the relationship, and leave everything on the emotional level, and you can approach them consciously. Why partners who do not only follow the passion but also think rationally, feel more comfortable with each other? Try to understand.

We are approaching the point when the relationship between people has changed dramatically. Existing paradigmsdo not work. People are not satisfied with love. And there is nothing wrong. Because the system does not work, it needs to change. This is exactly what happens in the intimate sphere. Dissatisfaction with relationship makes us move in the direction of conscious love.

So what is the conscious relationship? This is the relationship in which both partners feel bound by a common purpose, the purpose of development. Personal development. Development as a pair. Development, through which the world becomes a better place.

Now, most people tie relationships in order to satisfy their own needs. Such a relationship can take several years, but sooner or later run out of the break and the disappointment.

But when two people meet together to grow the relationship becomes something much more than enjoyment.
Two personalities are able to open up and develop more than if they go it alone. As a result, both people feel a deep satisfaction and self-fulfilling.

If you feel that you want to move their relationship to the next level, check out the four signs of the conscious relationship.

1. Partners do not dwell on the result of the relationship: it is important for them to develop the relationship. 

Do not get hung up on the fact that the couple is waiting for your future, it does not mean do not worry about what's going on. It does not mean that you should not think about how the relationship will develop.

Your development must mean more to you than the idea that the relationship must "work." In fact, here we then to grow. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When the development is stopped, we will immediately feel that something has gone wrong. Because it is.

Without development, we do not meet the needs of your soul.
Unfortunately, relations soon inhibit growth rather than promote it. This is one of the main reasons why we do not cope with romantic love.

We want our partners to act strictly in a certain way, we step on your throat for the sake of others, we feel small, depressed and wonder how we became such. Because of this relationship will inevitably begin to be perceived as the cell from which we want to get out. But the bitter truth: the cell - ourselves.

Conscious pair values increase more than anything else because it understands that the development - it's a secret that maintains living relationships. Even if this growth is terrible (because it involves the unknown), even if there is a risk to grow the relationship, the couple is ready to evolve. After all, that's why in the relationship appears a natural feeling of vitality and of course, love.

2. Each person comes into a relationship with the experience of the past

Conscious couples understand that we all have old wounds that one way or another will be felt, especially in the relationship. In other words, people expect their throw, deceived, rejected, underestimated. These and other worthless feelings appear when moving closer to another person. It is not enough to read books or essays about love ( You should have real experience of troublesome situations. 

Most of us still believe that in relationships people should feel just fine, and when there are negative feelings, it seems that everything has gone wrong. Only often in this situation, we do not see that all these negative feelings arise because of our negative experience. Such feelings are not connected with our partner, they relate solely to our own prejudices.

Conscious partners are ready to parse the problem of past and present relationships because they understand: because of the relationship of such prejudice can go on a disastrous path earlier. Problematic behavior patterns can be destroyed, but only if we take full responsibility.

3. All displays of affection are welcome

Lucid relationship - it is a room in which you can feel anything. This is the room in which you can share your feelings and dreams with your partner. This is an area of uncertainty.

Rarely gets honest about who you are, and help your partner to do the same. You may not like what you hear; this conversation can release you from hell. But you have to be ready for it if you want to be present them.

We used to sag and change to cater to the people we love because we do not want them to have fallen out of love. But it destroys love.
The only way out - to be absolutely honest: to identify that part of ourselves, which we share difficult, and let your partner do the same. This will lead to an understanding, and it, in turn, strengthen love.

4. A relationship is a place for love

Love is the ultimate art. Arts take, be there to forgive and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Sometimes we perceive love as something for granted. We want to be at the top of this feeling all the time, and when this does not happen, we are not satisfied with their relationships. This approach does not cover even a small part of such a thing as love.

Love - is a journey and research. It manifests itself in all the smallest details of your relationship.
Ask yourself, "What does love mean right now for me?" The answer every time is new. Because you grow and continue to go where never been before!

A conscious couple does all its best to be the embodiment of love. And thanks to the dedication and constant work on oneself partners are experiencing such feelings, they could not even imagine.

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