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Six Month Sex Challenge—Week #24—Found some lingerie that I like and want to wear…woohoo!

Lesson I learned from last week— The having a baby chapter is officially closed. Ovulation sex wasn’t all that exciting anyways...don't know why I'm sad about this.

Lingerie Part II
I once heard super model Tyra Banks explain she models lingerie differently for men (Maxim magazine), and women (Victoria Secret catalogue). She then demonstrated and it seemed quite subtle watching her move from pose to pose. I wondered if it really did make a difference.

That is until I was approached by an on-line lingerie retailer. He generously offered to ship some of his wares. As things didn’t quite work out in Week #10, I thought I’d give the lingerie thing another go.

My gut reaction when I went onto the site Sexy Lingerie was mixed. I tried to ignore as my stomach clenched looking at the extremely sexy, somewhat risqué clothes.

“Well self,” giving myself a pep talk, “It’s time to buck up, be brave and get out of my mommy comfort zone.”

I sent the link to my husband and asked him to pick out of few items. I received an enthusiastic email back with a list—yes a list—of potential items he might want like to see me in.

Could it be the pose that turns me off?
I took a look at his list all and although they were fairly (?!?!!?) tame, my stomach still felt queasy. I tried to envision myself confidently traipsing into a room dominatrix-style and showing myself off to my husband. Appreciating it would be fantasy-come-true for him.

Yet, I just couldn’t do it.

Which left me lingerie’less with an eager husband. As a truce I said to him the next day, “Why don’t we go shopping for something?”

The shopping trip
We put the kids in the car and took off. We went to a couple of stores before we found a store that suited us both.

It was really sweet. My husband explained as he picked something, “It’s not just for a special occasion, to wear and reveal for ten minutes. I want you to have something you will feel comfortable wearing around the house. That way I can see you looking nice more often.”

When I put it on the camisole and short set, I really like how it cut me. The soft green color was flattering against my neon pale skin. I felt girly and could envision myself confidently wearing it into a room and showing it off to my husband.

It’s no where near the sexy lingerie that he initially picked out. Maybe one day I’ll get back the courage to wear the more risqué stuff. But right now, seven months after giving birth, I feel sexy in this…and, ultimately, that’s what really matters.

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