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Six Month Sex Challenge: Week #23— We had sex twice this week, probably because I was ovulating. Feel so pitiful bragging about having sex twice in one week.

Lesson I learned last week: Being a little selfish can only help a new mom feel erotic.

Ovulation sex
“Hurry up! I have to leave to catch my plane in an hour,” I said while frantically pulling my husband to the bedroom. Our one-year old was unsupervised for a total of five minutes while we did the deed. Nine months later we got our second son.

Up until that point for seven years, every ovulation would bring ‘ovulation sex’. Probably the most unsexy sex a couple can have. The mom completely and utterly focused on procreation and the guy feeling like a sperm donor.

So when I started ovulating again…
I started ovulating again this week. My knee jerk reaction while sitting on the toilet and discovering the stretchy mucus between my fingers, was to run out of the bathroom pulling my pants up, while shouting to my husband who was almost out the door to work, “OMG. Quick we need to have sex. NOW!”

I stopped mid-stride after seeing a confused look cross over his face. We’ve decided that two kids are enough. (Actually it’s my decision, my husband would like another.) After my last pregnancy it’s obvious to me why 40 year olds shouldn’t push the fertility boundaries.

Yet it was only a few days until Mother’s Day and I was wistful. My two little boys are simply perfection. It’s in those moments of sentimentality—where I block out the pregnancy bit—I can’t help but wonder what a third little kid would be like.

We had sex twice this week!!!!!!
Maybe that’s why we had sex twice this week. I’m not bragging. Okay maybe just a little bit. It really feels like a milestone.

Sadly, I remember when having sex twice in less than an hour was bragging rights. I can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever again be at that place in our relationship where having sex twice in even an afternoon is still possible.

The one thing I’ve noticed
Since starting this Six Month Sex Challenge I’ve noticed the roller coaster of highs and lows my sex life (and relationship) have gone through. One week I’m gleefully having shower sex and the next sex is a no-go; or at the very least making sex work is just that, a lot of work.

Maybe this is why creating a decent sex life after baby is so difficult. The transition to the new sex rhythm is about as smooth as crunchy peanut butter.

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