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Week #11--All About Him Valentine Month

Week #11 Six Month Sex Challenge: It’s an all about my husband Valentine’s month—so we’re trying guy sex stuff.

Lesson I learned from last week: Learning to love my body won’t be as simple as buying a new set of lingerie. But at least I’ve made a start.

All-about-him Valentine’s month
In honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to treat my sweetheart (that would be my husband) to three weeks of fun. It’s an all-about-him sex palooza.

Decided to get a male perspective on what men would like. Naturally called on my friend and Sexologist, Dr. Brian Parker, owner of Forever an on-line high end toy company. Dr. Brian is a tireless advocate who educates people on healthy sex toys. He has a ton of F-R-E-E information on his website to help you make the best educated purchases.

Here’s Dr. Brian’s three picks for us to try:
(1) Duet Cock Ring
(2) Valentine’s Surprise for my hubby (which I’ll reveal next week because my husband reads this blog and I don’t want to giveaway his ‘big surprise’) And all I can say to my hubby is—“Oh la la…just you wait!”
(3) Embrace board game

Decided to try the Duet Cock Ring first. I find the term “cock ring” bugs me—almost put me off the idea entirely. Maybe it’s because I’m a gal and I want sexual terminology to be more romantic. But, alas, cock ring is a perfect descriptor of what the device is.

What’s a cock ring?
A cock ring is a ring that is placed around the base of a man's penis, primarily to slow the flow of blood from the erect penile tissue, thus maintaining erection for a longer period of time. (I could have put a photo here of an erect penis with a cock ring at it’s base…but somehow I’m not sure how it would go over…)

Men love anything that makes their penis look good.

As well, it decreases male sensitivity so he will last a little longer. When you have a vibrating cock ring, like the Duet, his penis becomes like a human vibrator which ups the fun for both parties.

The Duet Cock Rick has the couple’s pleasure in mind
Made of incredibly stretchy elastomer with vibrating bullets on the top and bottom for his and her fun. The top vibe stimulates the penis and clitoris, while the bottom vibe stimulates his balls and her perineum. This smart toy can be used with constant vibration or on a touch-sensitive setting where it only vibrates when pressing against the clitoris.

So how was the Duet?
I liked how the Duet stimulated my clit, but surprisingly, more so I really enjoyed the vibrations on the perineum. It was almost like I bumped into a long lost friend and said, “Hey, I forgot you existed perineum and you feel really nice. Must try to include you a lot more often during sex.”

Husband’s rating on the Duet
He gave it a 7.5/ 10. He really like that it made me happy. He also liked how it’s engineered with an on/off option or a touch-sensitive option. However, the elastomer was a bit too stretchy for him—he prefers a snugger fitting cock ring.

Make sure to do something special for your Valentine.

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