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I have noticed that we have a tendency to have difficulties Receiving. And, that this is especially true for people who appear entitled, arrogant, demanding, critical, picky, choosy and such for in that approach they are actually rejecting… They have an underlying unconscious operating program of undeservingness. They sabotage what is coming to them, reject the good, and are blind to the Gifts. They actually create a self-fulfilling prophecy where they don’t get, they get taken from, they are undermined, and even invisible as a possible viable recipient. These are the peeps that look and appear not to need anything or anyone…

I see this person in the partners of relationships that are struggling. They don’t allow the good in. They have a difficult time recognizing the good intentions of their partner and the gift their partner is. They actually take the gift and turn it around. They rip it apart, find fault and ugliness in it and throw it in the garbage. They invite others not to give to them pushing them away. They revel in their misery, loneliness, victimhood, and martyrdom. They don’t realize how this creates negative energy that attracts more negativity…

Take a moment to identify the people in your life who do this. Who encounter nonsense everywhere they go. Who have bad things constantly happen to them. Who appear stuck and spinning their wheels. Who are always overwhelmed and can’t move forward. Whose lives are filled with drama and pain. Find all these peeps, make a list of them. What is common about them? How does their “negativity” show up in their life? How does it impact their life? What kind of life have they been able to create? Are they happy, inspiring, and owning their magnificence? How does this affect you? Did your partner make it to your list? Are you on your list…?

Hold everyone in your mind’s eye. Feel each and every one of them in your heart, including yourself if you made it to your list (put yourself there if you didn’t…). Hold everyone really close and tight. Muster all the positive, compassionate, nurturing, accepting, and loving energy you can and bathe all in it. Surround your peeps and your Self with this brilliant Light. You have it in you. Harness it. Bring it forth. Put it to use…

Envision this Light permeating your very molecular structure, sipping into your core, blasting the blackness and the encasement around your Soul out of existence… Behold your Radiant Self! This is the real You. Lead with your Beauty. Bring this forth in your interactions. Be your magnificent magnetic Self and start attracting awesomeness in your life and relationship. Embrace the Gifts around you… Receive the Love you deserve!

Complete the MetroRelationship™ Assignment below to help you effortlessly implement this, make changes and immediately start experiencing your awesome relationship, and Authentic Life…

Happy Receiving!


~ Your MetroRelationship Assignment

For the next week, make it your business to look for all the gifts, blessings, beauty and awesomeness in your life. Stay focused on this task and don’t let anything escape you. Become masterful at finding the Good. To make this task easier, imagine your Self a magnet of good Fortune… Stay alert as to what you attract… Find all the Goodness life has to offer you… Stay in positive expectation… Add this to your Tool Kit…


~ Share Your Thoughts & Successes in the comment box at the end!

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