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Why is it, when the slightest thing goes wrong – you fantasize disaster? What makes you so quick to jump to the worst case scenario?

I'm waiting in line with all the other Starbucks addicts at 6:05 in the morning, and two women walk in, properly suited up, and one of them's saying "What if the trend keeps going down?" and the other replies, "Well, we could diversify the line," "But what if we can't get a loan to diversify," the one says, "Oh boy," the other says "what if the bank finds out we over-extended on that Peterson deal," "Oh no," the one replies, "what if we can't get another loan?"

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we insist on playing the "what if" game so negatively, where you go from one disastrous "what if' to the next ?

When you get stuck running negative messages, it's real hard to see the positive possibilities inherent in any situation, you only see the impossibilities, the doors slamming shut.

Instead, play the "what if" game forward, positively, proactively.

“What if I lose my job?” becomes "What if I get a better job offer?"
“What if I don’t make this deadline?” becomes “What if I can get help to make this deadline?”
“What if the economy goes south?” becomes “What if my talents suddenly become real valuable?”

Now your mind can get busy looking for ways to make these positive predictions come true, rather than hunting down tragedies and crises.

Your mind is a tremendously powerful tool – get it to work for you rather than against you and watch your life transform!

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