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As we are transitioning into Back2School and the Busy Season, we are to step up our game to keep up with the faster pace, fuller schedules, and additional demands. And, as we are trying to rescue what’s left of 2020... Yet, we are going into the season already exhausted, depleted, and burnt out. Our surge capacity lasted only so long… Now we have to recharge ourselves to beat this draggy feeling and to turn this thing around. The key is in cultivating resilience.

I’m in love with the word Cultivate. We can use it for anything we are working on, and it’s gentle but yet powerful and sturdy. As I participate in all the things in my life, I hear the struggle people are having with their energy, mood and wellbeing. What is troubling is that they are still focusing on what is happening out there, where we have no control. Where we end up feeling even more zapped…

The key is to focus internally, to generate energy from within… This is how we cultivate resilience. And, the secret to cultivating resilience is to taking charge of the flow of our day – in owning our day… This is how we generate loads of energy, larger capacity, and broader bandwidth… Trust me, I’ve been called the energy bunny once or twice in my life. LOL This is how we increase our wellness and happiness…

This is How we create What we desire, our successful relationship and meaningful life – our Best Life.

The secret to cultivating resilience is in your daily routine. There is no magic pill to take, unground cult to join or a move to the Tibetan Mountains required for you to feel and do great in your life. It is actually quite simple, just requires a bit of focus and intentionality…

Creating our daily routine is an opportunity and a responsibility. Most people have a very vague approach to their day- they might choose a wake-up time and get themselves to whatever commitment they have for the day, then get haphazardly sucked into that commitment for a chunk of time, to then stumble into their evening, dinner and night time.

They hustle throughout the day, they lose time, they don’t get their priorities completed and they don’t feel accomplished, at ease, happy and connected throughout the day and as it winds down… There is no joy or inspiration.

But it absolutely doesn’t have to be this way. You can for sure have more energy, be in the flow, have inspiration, motivation and creativity day in and day out… You can accomplish anything with gusto. You can enjoy your self, your loved ones and your life!

Again, it just takes a little bit of focus and intentionality in designing, implementing and honoring a daily routine that serves and supports you and your dreams.

Here are 5 Significant Factors to consider when Designing, and tweaking, your Daily Routine:

1- Your daily routine starts the night before! Do a brain dump of all the noise running through your head, think of 3 things you are grateful for from the day, identify your top priority for the next day, go to sleep a bit earlier than your usual

2- Choose an earlier time than your usual to get up in the morning, don’t snooze - just get up!

3- Use the extra time in the morning to enrich your Self-care Practice (hugely important!). Have it include any form and combination you like of meditation practice, exercise, journaling, and learning. It doesn’t have to take long and create stress to get this in. Any investment in yourself pays huge dividends. This is the key - you have to invest in yourself!

4- Go into the rest of the day with the Intention to stay focused and stick with your plan/routine. Plan out your days to include focus time to crank on your priority, transition and margin times to flow with ease and stay present and connected to yourself and others, bio/physical needs time – including having nutritious foods following from your diet choice, and to mindfully transition into evening time.

5- Have an enriching evening routine to tend to your personal life and intentionally wrap up the day

Each of these items can be as rich as you’d like them to be. The key is to keep the framework simple yet strong, and to work it with focus and intentionality. You can add Wellness, Connection and Success Habits in there to flow with ease and create the results you want.

If you do this, there is no way that you won’t feel well and increase your resilience… Get working it, get cultivating!

ASSIGNMENT: Review how you are currently doing your days and identify your weak points when compared to the Best Life Daily Routine™ formula. Select the area that zaps you the most or doesn’t support you the best and focus on rehabilitating and sprucing up this area. Go all in, change that thing up! This can be a bit unsettling at first but pull off the band-aid and commit to making a change. Hang in there and you’ll soon be seeing amazing results!

Hey, I say you fully go for it. What are you waiting for to create your Best Life? You can do it now!!

Happy Cultivating!


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