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To succeed at anything a real commitment to do whatever it takes is needed… We all know of the “self made man”. People who grew up with nothing and are now multi-millionaires. We might be friends with them. We might be one of them. The same principles apply in Relationships! I have seen couples come back strong from the most awful of situations. All it takes is a real commitment to creating what you desire and full heartedly going for it…

The stumbling block I have come to recognize in couples is that the partners don’t really know what they desire. They are unhappy or settled with their status quo, but have no clue as to the alternative. Never mind actually taking action to change things, and on top of that they lack skills, know how and tools. And, on top of that, they have “baggage” that gets in the way. They get in their own way. It’s practically an impossible situation to turn around and turn into awesomeness.

But fear not! I can show you the way. First things first, you have to decide that you want awesomeness… I’m serious. Really decide that you will no longer settle for mediocre… I’m asking you to go for it. I’m asking you to make a commitment to do what it takes to create your awesomeness. It goes without saying that this does not include anything illegal, inappropriate, or harmful in anyway to all parties concern. It actually means exactly the opposite!

When we claim our Self. When we Commit to Awesomeness. When we decide to live our authentic life and create our awesome relationship from a Heart-centered place (no ego here…), we all benefit. We ALL win. This is the secret. From this place no harm can come to us… Only good things, blessings, abundance and much, much love comes to us…

I come across partners who are very guarded and protected. This concept is very difficult for them to understand and embrace. They do not know specifically, or even generally a lot of times, what they desire in relationship. They have no clue about the possibilities. The concept of going all in and doing whatever it takes is scary as heck. They interpret this as a loss of Self… Doing whatever it takes to make something work never implies at your expense! For that wouldn’t work!! That logic is flawed…

If this resonates with you, I implore you to take a look at your beliefs, assumptions, expectations, and approach to your relationship and see if you can catch yourself pursuing happiness from a head-ego-centered place… This will ensure you will not be creating an awesome relationship. Address this for yourself immediately. Attend to what the ego is protecting. Find the vulnerability and nurse it. Take care of your Self. I’m not saying to lock away your Self to protect it… I’m saying, to bring it out to play. Learn how to play safely, appropriately and with gusto. Learn to create connection, intimacy and good times.

Make your Commitment now. Put your system, structure, and support in place now to assist you embrace and stick to your Commitment. Do whatever it takes to create awesomeness. Get to it now!

Complete the MetroRelationship™ Assignment below to help you effortlessly implement this, make changes and immediately start experiencing your awesome relationship, and Authentic Life…

Happy Committing!  

P.S. If you need assistance being the Creator of your awesome relationship, your MetroRelationship™ click here to read about how we can assist you and to get started! You CAN have an Awesome Relationship today! Don’t wait a moment longer, start creating your awesome relationship now!  

~ Your MetroRelationship Assignment Identify what is holding you back from going for it, from being all in. What is holding you back from doing whatever it takes to create your Awesome Relationship. Get in touch with the underlying fears… Do these fit? Getting squashed, or lost Loosing freedom Not being able to be one Self Not being good enough Not deserving Being a fraud Success Failure What else? … Once you are in touch with your fears, acknowledge the Ego for protecting you and send it on vacation… Sit with the truth of these statements… Challenge them… Start feeling the shackles come undone… Get support to fully remove the shackles… Add this to your Tool Kit…



~ Share Your Thoughts & Successes in the comment box at the end!

Take a moment now to share below any thoughts, comments, take away, tips, and successes! PLEASE post a comment now – we grow in community!

Thanks for connecting with the MetroRelationship™ Family!

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