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        The word love is so frequently use that if we are not careful it could lose it's effect in our marriage.However the word is so power packed that we must use it with caution. Love is a magnet that has drawn two people together from two different backgrounds; two different cultures; two different race, and various differences. It is said that love is so strong that it cannot be drowned by water, and fire cannot destroy it.

      In marriage, the love for each other must be at full strength in order to conquer the giants that you face in your marriage every day. Husband, you must love your wife as much as you love your own body. Truly, in your right frame of mind you would not harm your own body, because you love yourself. Likewise you must treat your wife as you treat yourself.Pamper her, spent quality time with her, care for like a queen...she is your queen. Love your wife from the heart and it will bear wonderful fruits.The more you love your wife the longer your marriage will last.

   The marital journey can be difficult at times,but with the power of love you can defeat all your foes.You are one flesh, one bone with the same hopes and dreams, and a strong desire to have a successful marriage,You can make ,but your love for each must remain stronger that ever.With such strong love no mountain is too high for you to climb, no sea too wide to cross, and no giant too tall to kill.Love is powerful, use it to grow your marriage.

  Marriage is designed so that the husband would lead in love. When the husband love his wife as himself,there is no telling what the wife would not do to make the marriage succeed. However, when husbands neglect their wives they create barriers for a happy and successful marriage.Husbands, you have the power of love, use it your marriage will be very happy.

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