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Will Traditional Marriage Survive?

Recent discussions indicate that there are some in American society who are not enamored by what has been considered “Traditional Marriage”.  Many couples are choosing alternative ways to validate their legal commitment.  Traditional or not, what’s most important about any union is the relationship.  That is why we produced The Marriage Contract 2nd Edition.

The Premise

The Marriage Contract 2nd Edition is a satirical look at the customs and practices of traditional marriage.  Tondra and Doug seek premarital counseling from Relationships Expert, Wayne Brown.  Little do they know that their encounter with Brown will generate more questions than answers.  Through the irreverent commentary of Brown, Tondra and Doug are introduced to questions about their relationship that they never considered.

The Contract

Wayne Brown has developed a program called “The Marriage Contract” where couples contemplating marriage are encouraged to create a contract where the terms and conditions of the marriage are negotiated and agreed upon by both parties.  It is Brown’s contention that through these negotiations couples will discover insights that will strengthen the relationship.

Controversial and Thought-provoking

The Marriage Contract 2nd Edition is meant to be both controversial and thought-provoking.  The opinions expressed by Wayne Brown make Tondra and Doug cringe; yet some of his probing questions make them reflect on the strength of their own relationship.

New in the 2nd Edition

A video questionnaire called “Twenty-five Questions to Ask Before You Say I Do” has been added to the original movie and is designed to prompt more conversation.

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