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The Link Between a College Education and a Lasting Marriage

The statistics on marriages today are not too optimistic. At least half of the marriages end in a divorce. Unfortunately, the data the Pew Research Center provided demonstrates that only slightly more than a half of all females surveyed will stay married for more than twenty years.

However, there is good news in all this. Among all those who stay married for more than twenty years, some women remain married longer than others. The thing is that the study showed that people who have higher education are more likely to stay married for more than two decades.

There are many studies which prove this point and support this idea. So, if you are given such a subject matter for a college essay, then the information we are about to present here is likely to help you. So, if it sounds like something you are interested in, then keep reading. In this article, we will explore this topic deeper.

The National Center for Health Statistics

According to the last research by the National Center for Health Statistics, women who have higher education have twice as many chances to stay married for at least twenty years compared to those who attended “some college” or “high school only.”

The numbers show us that at least 78% of couples in which a woman got married for the first time are likely to celebrate their twentieth anniversary together. Unfortunately, the situation is different for those who only finished high school or some college.

The scholars only analyzed the couples whose marriage ended due to a divorce or separation. There were those whose marriage ended due to the death of one partner. These people were not taken into account. The numbers are based on those who got a divorce or opted for a separation.

Another thing which was not taken into account is the marriages of those who got married later than people do on average. People who were older than 44 years old were not surveyed. So, this leaves us without information on the average length of a marriage for those who got married later.

Additionally, it is interesting enough that men with higher education are more likely to get married after all. There is no explanation behind this fact, but the general practice shows us that this is true in most cases. The numbers show that 65% of men who obtained a bachelor’s degree stay married for at least twenty years. Meanwhile, this figure is around fifty percent for male individuals who only finished high school.

Ethnic question

Another research by the National Center for Health Statistics showed that women from nations where the percentage of those with higher education is bigger, like for instance those living in Asia, are more likely to stay married for twenty and more years than Hispanic or White women.

The findings show different results for men from the various ethnic groups. Thus, men from the Hispanic ethnic group are more likely to stay married for more than twenty years. In fact, they stay married longer than white or black men. The difference in numbers is around 11%.

There are many explanations apart from the level of education, but the thing remains that people from some ethnic groups stay married longer than the rest.

Live-in relationships statistics

Individuals who moved in together before they got married end up having less happy marriages. The thing is that people who got married for the first time and never lived together before the marriage stay married longer.

Official data shows that around 57% of those who started living together after the wedding celebrate their twentieth anniversary together unlike 46% of those who lived together before marriage. This might concern the question of education too, as people without higher education usually tend to work more to get a better salary.

Thus, to cut some expenses, they might decide to move in together. In the long run, this decision results in them separating after ten years or so.

The reasons for such results

Unfortunately, we don’t know what is the cause for such results, as the research centers did not go that deep in their studies. However, from the information, we found we can conclude that individuals who go for a higher education get married later for a number of reasons.

First of all, they spend more time obtaining a degree. So, given all the academic workload, they cannot get married earlier.

Besides, there is a financial aspect which prevents many young people from getting married while still at school.

Finally, it is a common tradition for young people to start families after they graduate. It is a part of the culture we live in.

Given these reasons, people with higher education get married older. As a result, they already have a career to pursue as well as better financial situation. These two things are crucial to a happy well-being of a family, as most divorces happen because of the money issues.

In fact, CNBC stated that around one-third of all people who experience some stress in the relationship said that the main reasons for it are the financial issues. So, individuals with better economic prospects are more likely to have happy marriages, as they have less stress in life.

Moreover, higher education gives people a chance to see what it means to work in an environment of people with opposing views. Thus, when they get married and face the differences, they know how to settle disputes.

So, we can state that higher education might lead to longer-lasting marriages in the end for many reasons. Though our reasons are not scientifically proven, we believe that they make total sense if you think about it. Thus, if you need this information for a college essay, then here is what the scholars say.

If you have other ideas on why we get such numbers of long-lasting marriages, we will be more than happy to hear your reasons.

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