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We all know the importance of music in all aspects of our lives; our musical tastes are as diverse as ourselves and according to the stage that we’re living our preferred rates.

With whom doesn’t it happen that on hearing a particular song all past memories come to mind and return to relive emotions and feelings related to that topic.

That is the power exercised by the music, goes directly to produce certain feelings within us that will remain engraved in the brain and is activated every time you hear the same sound.

As music acts on our senses

The emotions that music gives us are so varied that we could go through an entire range of emotional changes by simply listening for an hour with fragments of different music.

Think we have felt like listening to music, euphoric, happy, love, romantic, melancholy, sad, broken, angry, furious … and why not excited?

Send to increase sexual desire

Music can increase sexual desire, eroticism, improve a couple’s sexuality or be the backdrop for sex.

But to the question whether there is a special music that encourages the excitement the answer is yes and no, because not everyone can excite the same kind of music, way to explain it briefly.

The famous Bolero by Ravel, it’s true that can serve as background for a sexual relationship and be very exciting for some, others are just as great eroticism in the sounds of Thai music, in various tones of a saxophone or romantic melodies.

If we ask other people some say that music par excellence for sex is the rock, and many believe this something was forever the phrase “sex, drugs and rock and roll,” I’m not doing anything apology, please.
For younger generations the music to increase sexual desire beyond the limits is like regeneration or, however it is written, and we will not deny that this music is pure sex from the notes, letters and her dancing.

I can not leave out the salsa and meringues which are the jewels of sensuality; whereas some people think that Brazilian music from samba to ballads encouraged eroticism.

In short if the music is influencing all aspects of life can not be absent on sexuality and its influence to increase sexual desire depends on individual preferences.

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