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That day a girl in glasses-hearts stod at the stop, I usually do not get acquainted on the street, but I really wanted to, I had to come up with the first phrase. I thought for a minute I did not think of anything better than to go and say hello. And the moment she turned to see my approach, a thought appeared in my head that I did not think up:

"Did you fall in love with me or did your glasses always look like this?".

Her reaction surpassed all my expectations. Guess who that day had a date? But two weeks later I had to leave the city as get a job and we hadn’t seen each other for more than 4 years. But once I got back to start my studies at the university at that city again. And that's what happened.

And believe me or not, but I immediately fell in love. That's how I got love at first sight. It's been almost half a year since she studied at our university, but I never got to know her. I was afraid that she would not answer me in return. Once my mate invited me to his birthday. And whom do you think I saw there? The same girl, my Elly, was sitting at the table. It turns out that she had known my mate for a long time. I decided, and asked my friend to introduce us, he agreed. And the very next day Elly and I had a romantic date on the roof with a magnificent view. It's been 5 years, Elly and I were still together, living in a dream, you know. Moreover, we even start thinking about the wedding. It turns out that Elly also noticed me, even then at the beginning of the uni year. And, first, she asked my mate to introduce her to me. This is my happy story. And, finally, I would like to wish you happy and mutual love, because it's so nice when you love, and you are loved too.

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