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I say we focus on really enjoying the next two months and getting ourselves ready for weather whats coming in the fall. Are you with me?

What does this type of getting ready mean for you? For me it means:

  • Maintaining and upleveling my Self-Care Practice for great health, wellness, fitness, and vitality
  • Clearing the decks of minutiae and distracting miscellaneous noise
  • Wrapping up any unfinished lingering tasks and current projects
  • Putting in place and/or upleveling whatever support I need…
  • Nurturing and further developing myself for Alignment, and increased inspiration, motivation, strength, stamina, bandwidth, courage, creativity… (Our Summer 2020 #BestLifeChallenge is great for this if you are interested in up-leveling your life, just saying!)
  • Dreaming, brainstorming and planning for whats next…

I use Summers as major regroup points and as inspiration time… This is when I usually set up the next big project for the year… There is less grind, more sun and fun during this season. The perfect recipe for innovating and creating… 

I get that this Summer is different than our usual and that we are in really tough times… But, remember what we focus on grows, what we resist persists, and we create what we think… So, lets use these concepts to our advantage… 

Lets not focus on whats wrong, lets focus on the opportunities. 

Lets focus on what you need to do and how you need to Be to create your amazing new normal, your New World… If you are tired dont quit, just rest… Its Summer after all! 

At the beginning of the year, I wrote about change being in the air and about starting a New Era… And, boy, what a New Era we are starting… The thing here is how do we want to instrumentally be part of something new, and not be mere passive bystanders. How can we be progressive in our own lives so that collectively we catapult into the Reconstruction…? 

What does that mean for you? How have you been doing your life? What would a progressive approach to it mean for you? 


This could take on the form of:

  1. Establishing radical new health and wellness habits
  2. Enriching your self-care practice
  3. Decluttering your whole life
  4. Upleveling your Mindset
  5. Addressing your negativity bias and limiting beliefs
  6. Increasing your personal ownership
  7. Setting effective boundaries
  8. Having a voice
  9. Really meeting your needs
  10. Having the difficult conversation(s)
  11. Making amends
  12. Showering your loved ones with love
  13. Rocking consistent Date Nights
  14. Treating your partner as the most important person in your life
  15. Increasing your physical intimacy and your repertoire
  16. Automating the minutia tasks in your life
  17. Outsourcing tasks that are a waste of your genius
  18. Actually putting your genius and Gift to work
  19. Taking on your mission, living by your purpose
  20. Influencing through love and connection…

Note, we cant be progressive with our actions if we are not progressive with our thoughts… 

How do you need to wake yourself up and step it up? Now is the time to set up your foundation and lay down the groundwork. 


We are creating history, make sure your's rocks! 


ASSIGNMENT: Make a commitment to not be a victim of the current circumstances…

  • Select what you want to focus on improving this summer to set yourself up for an amazing Autumn
  • Flesh out your choice into bite-size tasks, recurring tasks/appointments, and measurable milestones 
  • Take your first action towards this plan today!

Complete the Assignment, and share your takeaway, insights, and results with a note in the Comments box at the end! Id love to hear how you are using this content.

Happy Improving!


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