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Study Shows Long Married Couples Mimic Physical & Emotional State

Researchers from the University of British Columbia and Pennsylvania State University tracked the emotional and physical histories of more than 1,700 older couples over a 15-year period and found a strong relationship between “depressive symptoms” (unhappiness, loneliness and restlessness) and “functional limitations” – the physical inability to perform such basic tasks as climbing stairs, picking up objects, cooking and shopping. For example, if one spouse is depressed, the other is more likely to be as well. The opposite holds true too, if one person is in good health or mood, their partner is likely to be the same. All participants had been married for a long time, more than 40 years in many instances, and ranged in age from 76 to 90.  Interestingly, the researchers found that a spouse’s physical or emotional health can have a greater impact on their partner’s health than their own in some cases. So while you might think your husband's mood is bad, it might be killing you—that might be overly dramatic, but you get the point. For more, click here. 

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Comment by God's Child on May 8, 2011 at 5:51pm
I do not want to be like my husband.  Thanks for the heads up!


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