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Student wedding - the main examination in the life of students

Student wedding - the main examination in the lives of students. Today, universities can meet very different students. Some of them come from other cities and learn to survive on their own, someone already in his student years provided sufficient and independent, some combine study and work. Someone buy doctoral dissertations in us others simply do not make anything in university. Despite some difficulties, and study sessions, student years, perhaps, the most romantic and memorable period in our lives. It was while studying at universities generated a lot of young families.

And when the two young men decide to appoint a responsible step and date of your marriage, there is a fundamental question, what should be the student's wedding? Of course, the best option - to mark the solemn event, first separately with their parents. This can be a night in a restaurant or at home. In this case, you pay them due attention. Still, for parents of children of their wedding - an event no less important than for the newlyweds themselves. You can hand them solemnly humorous diplomas with new titles: mother-in-law, father-in-law and father in law. And the next day it is possible to organize a holiday for friends.

Most of the students did not have huge amounts of money that are required for luxury banquetsBut this is not the reason for the disorder. The main thing - not an expensive restaurant or a lavish festivities and the atmosphere of celebration and fun. As for the celebration of the hall can be used for a cheap cafe or even more economical option - rent an apartment for rent or a house. However, in this case, will have to work on cleaning up after a wedding event. Decorate the room quite possibly their own. Draw funny posters with jokes, cut the symbolic wedding rings, windows decorate balloons on the table to place cardboard hearts with funny rhymes and proverbs.

Always in the company of friends there who have the creative and organizational skills. They can draw for the development of the wedding scenario. Students - the people cheerful, so any competitions will be maintained. If the banquet will only young people, we can prevent even some contests with the script on the verge of decency. But if you are, nevertheless, combine friends and parents or other older relatives, try to get them to not have to blush. Interesting will be the theme of a student prank. For example, you can tell that the bride was spotted at the order of essays on the theme: "How to feed a husband," "how to become a beloved daughter" and others.

Improvise, invent as many interesting things, and your student's wedding day to remember!

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