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Smartphones, Marriage Killers or Saviors

There are two news items out, one touting the positives and the other the negatives of our new always-connected smartphone culture. The first is a story from NPR where a couple finds that their iPhones have created a barrier between. In one instance, the husband retells a situation where they were both sitting in bed playing Scrabble on their phones against the computer, not each other—they used to play the board game together all the time. Couples also discuss the disconnect when doing other shared activities together like watching TV.

On the flip side, Time magazine highlights the PAIRS Foundation's DTR app, which aims to improve marriages. DTR stands for Daily Temperature Reading and this app allows spouses to share theirs. Other apps included in the Time article are Mind over Marriage, which includes curriculum for couples on how to approach thousands of day-to-day situations; Marriage Fight Tracker, which does just that; and Fix a Fight, which is said to guide you through steps to help you and your partner make quality repairs to relationship wounds.

We would love to get your thoughts on this. How have smartphones effected your marriage? What kind of marriage app would you like to see?

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