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Sheryl Sandberg: Which lessons did I take from my husband's death?

Facebook Executive Director Sheryl Sandberg told Berkeley graduates about the lessons and experience that she got from the death of her husband. 

In her speech to graduates of Berkeley, Cheryl was talking about how to withstand severe tests. In May last year her husband died, Silicon Valley businessman David Goldberg (David Goldberg). During a family vacation to Mexico, he received head injuries and died in hospital.

"David's Death has changed me. I learned what the bitterness of loss. But I also realized that when life pulls you to the bottom, you can push off, swim to the surface and breathe again. I am sharing this with you in the hope that today, enjoying life, you will be able to understand what I was able to realize only through death."

Everyone periodically faces the minor problems. Even shoolboys write about heavy psychological things (, whereas the adults share the pain of betrayal or anything else. 

 But Sandberg's speech can prepare you for more complex tests.

"I realized that getting rid of the pain. At first, I was grateful for every breath in and out, for life in general. Previously, I was celebrating my birthday once every five years, and sometimes went to friends' birthdays. Now I do not miss a single holiday.
Before I fell asleep, experiencing because of his daily errors. Now I try to concentrate on the happy moments.
The irony is that the loss of her husband has helped me to feel a deep gratitude for the kindness of my friends, for the love of my family, for my children's laughter. I hope you can find what you need to be noble. And not only in the good days, like today, but in difficult times when you really need them."

Such thoughts of such a strong woman break all the stereotypes about the acceptance of pain. Her example shows that the heaviest loss isn ot obligatory to break your life.

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