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Save Your Marriage with The Marriage Breakthrough

I am featuring parts of the Marriage Breakthrough Seminar because I want people to know that, although relationships don't come with instruction manuals, there is much that can be learned about making marriages work. No one is born knowing how to create a successful relationship. We learn about marriage by watching our own parents' marriages and let's face it, many of us didn't have great role models. But the good news is that relationship skills can be taught and learned. The Marriage Breakthrough is a seminar I offer that offers couples the skills they need to build on what's positive in their lives and improve what hasn't been working. Regardless of how challenging one's marriage has been, I want to spread the word that there's hope. Skills and information combined with hope equates to loving, healthy marriages. That's what we do at the Divorce Busting Centers. We're hope mongers!

With that said, I've uploaded a lot of the content from this seminar to the Divorce Busting YouTube Page, and will be adding more here for your convenience. The full-length DVD comes with additional exercises, real life examples, and more tips on how to strengthen your marriage. If you like what you see in the clips I've provided, then I recommend getting the Marriage Breakthrough DVD, and visiting the Divorce Busting Store for additional products designed to save marriages and stop divorce.

Save Your Marriage: Spend Time Together

Save Your Marriage: Talk to Your Wife

Communication Tips for Women

Michele Weiner Davis is the creator of the Divorce Busting Centers, learn more on how you can solve marriage problems and stop divorce. Follow me on Twitter @divorcebusting, add my Divorce Busting Facebook Page, and subscribe to the Divorce Busting YouTube Videos for more advice and upcoming marriage saving events.

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