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What happened to the romance in your marriage? Why is it when you look at your husband all you see is dirty socks to pick up and a yard that's not getting mowed?

It wasn't always this way. Once upon a time, not that long ago really, you used to be regular little lovebirds. You used to snuggle together on the couch, go for long walks together, spend long Sunday mornings being lazy together. Now it's work-kids-errands-kids-chores-kids, and just about the only thing you do in bed is sleep. You're not complaining, it's a good life – but you sure miss the romance.

Who wouldn't! Romance is delightful. Romance is what makes a marriage delicious. But if you're waiting for romance to spontaneously appear after the honeymoon phase of a relationship is over, you could be waiting a looooong time. Instead, be proactive – create romance!

For example, leave a love note in your husband's daytime saying "Hot date tonight! Be ready." Park the kids with the sitter for the evening, and greet your husband with a smile when he comes home from work. Fuss over him, eat Chinese by candlelight, put on your favorite music, and watch the romance happen.

All you have to do for romance to bloom again, is set the stage. Given a little nurturance, romance can happen on a regular basis – and your marriage will be all the more wonderful for it.

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