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Romance Writers Share Their Romance Tips for Summer

USA Today compiled a nice list of advice from various best-selling romance writers on how to boost your romance this summer. Here's what some of them said: 

Mary Jo Putney, author of Nowhere Near Respectable, says to turn off the electronics. "No telephones, no Facebook, no texting, no Internet. Just be present together and pamper each other. Give each other special treats, kicking back and remembering why you fell for each other." We say if you want to read Hitched together, that's okay, though. 

Catherine Anderson, author of Here to Stay and Comanche Magic, says, "Keep it simple and be spontaneous. Dim the lights and dance in the living room. Surprise him with a new sexy negligee, enclosed in a beautifully wrapped box."

Lastly, Hannah Howell, author of Stolen Ecstasy, recommends taking a trip down memory lane. "Do something that you both enjoy and will take you back to those first days of your romance when everything was new, exciting and maybe a little wild."

You can read insights from more authors, and the complete responses from the above novelists by clicking here. 

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