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Relationship Tips: Creating the love of your life

The best of all relationship tips is included in a fable I once heard. It may be the only tip you ever need to keep your relationship intact! It is the key to a healthy relationship; creating the love of your life.

Two adventurers set off to see the world; stopping in all the world capitals, remote islands and places both exotic and wild. While in Bombay one of the men saw a woman in the market so beautiful that he told his friend he wouldn’t be
continuing on. His partner couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “We’ve met
heiresses, princesses, queens and warriors, exotic performers, slave girls and
Amazons. This woman is quite pretty, that’s true, but why would you throw away
the adventure we’ve begun for a merchant’s daughter?!” His friend was immovable
and stayed in Bombay while the second man traveled on.

Nearly a year later the friend stopped back in Bombay to see how his mate had succeeded. Shortly after arriving the traveler was awed as traffic stopped and the market seemed to hush as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen crossed
the square. Later, in his friend’s house he described the woman as his friend’s
smile grew brighter.

“That would be my wife you’re describing”, he answered proudly.
“But what happened, what did you do to her?” was the reply.
“I loved her the way she deserved to be loved, treated her the way I’d treat the most beautiful woman in the world. She looks exactly as you saw her
before; it’s just that now she sees herself the way I saw her from the

The point of this fable is then, that the best relationship tip is to see your lover, partner or spouse as their greatest possibility. Create
the space for them to be their true selves. It was Michelangelo’s ‘relationship
advice’ for sculptures and their potential masterpieces. He knew that his great
masterpiece, the statue of David, was already there, trapped in the marble. All
he had to do was to remove the parts that weren’t David and free it for the
world to see.

Is it easy to live by this relationship tip? No; not easy. The fears and insecurities that infect us all will act as speed bumps on the
road to relationship bliss, the path to a healthy and happy relationship. But as
much as it is not easy, it is simple, simple to remember and simple to follow if
you have courage and vision. Let me add, by the way as someone who enjoys the
benefits of this each and every day, it is well worth the effort.

Try it out for yourself and stop by to share your results.

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