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Why do you feel like you’re always putting out fires? Why are you so mired down in the details of your day to day that you never get to the things that really matter to you?

I’m grabbing a quick bite at the corner deli, and a woman is in deep conversation with her friend, saying: “I don’t know how it happens – I wake up, it’s half past six, I run around like a crazy woman all day, with work, the kids, the house – and the next thing I know it’s midnight and I haven’t even looked at our business plan. I feel so bad about it.” The friend pats her hand: “Look, I know how it is, don’t worry, we’ll get to it – someday,” she says. “But how?” the woman asks, “How’re we gonna do that ? I don’t want to wait ‘til the kids are grown, and we both have to work. Where are we gonna find the time?”

You’re not gonna find it, time isn’t hiding somewhere. Time is something you carve out, deliberately. Somehow we all carve out time to work, to sleep, to shower. Carving out time for things you want with all your heart isn’t any different.

Take it one small chunk at a time. Carve out one evening every week, for example, to meet with that friend you want to develop a business with. Plan ahead, schedule a specific task you want to accomplish during that time. Make every meeting count. You’ll be surprised at quickly your business project develops – and how much happier you are.

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